Heritage Valley Assembly is honoured to collaborate with Living Your Purpose Coaching & Training Centre to provide professionally certified life coaching.

Several of the professional life purpose coaches are members of Heritage Valley Assembly such as Pastor Larry and Colleen Lindoff and Dianne DeJong.

They can help you connect with God's vision and unique purpose for your life; provide a safe environment to be open, honest and vulnerable without judgment; encourage one to become holy men and women of God; and help one live with passion, purpose, gratitude and joy.

Have you ever thought about becoming a Life Purpose Coach? Do you love speaking life to others and helping them discover their identity and purpose? Our Fall 2020 Christian Life Purpose Coaching Course starts September 10! 

To enquire further of the services provided by Living Your Purpose Coaching and Training Centre and to register, please visit:

www.livingyourpurposecoachingandtrainingcentre.org or click on this link Living Your Purpose Coaching & Training Centre