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Heritage Valley Pentecostal Assembly is a place to explore and experience the love found in Christ.  If you're not sure you believe in God at all, you're welcome here.  If you've been following God your entire life or if you're new to faith, we hope you'll grow here.

No matter where you are on the road to faith, we are here to walk alongside you as you go.  Our wish is that on your journey, you'll discover a God who is loving, active and causing you to flourish in all that you do.


Join us at 10:30 AM Sundays in-person at Taylor Seminary.  Our services also appear live on our website at www.heritagevalleyassembly.com on our YouTube channel (you can use this link: Heritage Plus)  and appear in recorded form on our Facebook page (you can use this link:  Facebookfor those unable to view the live stream service.

We will begin the after service coffee fellowship again NEXT SUNDAY, September, 10th! 

Scent Free and Phone Courtesy  
We want to thank each of you for continuing to respect others during our onsite Sunday worship experience, particularly by refraining from wearing perfumes or colognes for those who are allergic to such scents. As well, thank you for turning your cell phones to vibrate and/or silent mode during our gatherings and being attentive to the presence of the Lord. Of course, being responsive to urgent/emergencies is understandable. These courtesies are so deeply appreciated and add enormously to our corporate worship experiences.

If you have any questions, please contact Janice Johnsson at heritageva@gmail.com or call/text 780 699 6315.

We love you all!
Pastor Larry


PRAYER ON-LINE EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 7PM ON on our website at www.heritagevalleyassembly.com on our YouTube channel (you can use this link: Heritage Plus)   Or on Facebook  (you can use this link:  Facebook)





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All Church Small Group Bible Study Campaign
All Church Small Group Bible Study Campaign
Two weeks ago we introduced the Book of Philippians Bible Study Campaign within our Pastoral Hello and during announcement time in our Sunday morning service, Pastor Philip and I shared all the details of this first ever Bible study initiative within our church. The Bible Study guide was attached the last two weeks. If you would like to have that sent to you again, please email Janice at heritageva@gmail.com and she would be happy to do so. Please be sure to sign up on Sunday on the Sign up Sheet(s) (we have 3 of the same for convenience) as to which small group you would like to be involved in.

You can use this link to access the Study Guides and Schedules: Guides and Schedules

Children's Track - Pastor Philip and I have put together a Children's Track for this study, ages 5 - 12 years old. You will have that attached to last week's Pastoral Hello or you may request a resend, or pick up a hard copy at church on Sunday. I encourage you to get your children or grandchildren involved! 
For the Children's Track, here are two links that you must use to access the content.
1. "God's Story", Books of the Bible, Philippians on Youtube -- Crossroads Kids' Club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1gRHd28dK4&t=1s&ab_channel=CrossroadsKids%27Club 
2. Philippians Family Bible Study - Where does Joy come from? (Mr. Phil Tv)  https://mrphil.tv/programs/collection-nvmdfqurhae  
*For the Philippians Family Bible Study it does require a small monthly subscription of $4.99 which you can sign up for online by following the link above. You may cancel the subscription at anytime. 

You can use this link to access the Children's Bible Study Schedule:  Children's Schedule

*Children's Activity for the following Sundays: Pastor Philip will have a dedicated table for parents to visit which will include copies of the coloring book from Modern Kid Press called "Bible Stories:coloring book for kids". 
Parents and Grandparents are welcome to pick up a book and coloring supplies as needed. Please return the coloring books and supplies to the table before you leave the service. Thank you.
Emergency Preparedness Initiative
 First Aid Certification Training Opportunity  
As we grow as a church, we as an Emergency Preparedness Committee are planning to ensure we have First Aid Certified individuals onsite for Sundays and other ministry occasions. Our committee has been able to discover individuals apart of our congregation who are already First Aid Certified, but we are also calling on anyone who would like to receive professional training in First Aid to alert us. If you are interested or know of someone who may desire to be equipped in First Aid, please contact Pastor Philip. It has been approved by the leadership of our church that this training will be financially covered by the church.    
"Exalt Jesus Christ in 2023"
"A Prayer Journey with Jesus in 2023"

Heritage Valley Pentecostal Assembly
“Exalting Jesus Christ in 2023”
“A Prayer Journey with Jesus in 2023”

Greetings my dear friends and flock.

On Sunday morning, January 8, 2023, it was an honour and joy to share around our church family’s “kitchen table” as we laid out an overall spiritual focus and four spiritual initiatives for the next 12 months. We talked about “Exalting Jesus Christ in 2023” in thought, word and deed; and reminded ourselves that we can do so in prayer, study of the Scriptures, caring for and fellowshipping with others, and by proclamation of God’s good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ, through missions and evangelism. We also mentioned that as a church and individuals we would “Exalt Jesus Christ in 2023” through prayer.

Pastors and elders will set an overall prayer focus for each month of the year. We are asking the Lord to help us to intercede, as a church and individuals, in a concerted and unified manner for God’s glory and the good of others.

As we go on this prayer journey with Jesus over the next weeks, you will notice that every day there is a topic and corresponding Bible verse. Our desire and intent is that this first phase of our journey in prayer with Jesus will help us step more and more into the purpose that God has for us as a church and as individuals. And may I remind us that prayer is a spiritual habit that does take commitment and discipline. But may we also remember that prayer is a “get to” not a “got to”. Indeed it is an honour and privilege to be able to come to God in prayer!

So my dear friends and flock, let’s begin the adventure and exciting journey together with Jesus in prayer. God bless you and may we “exalt Jesus Christ” together in prayer in 2023!

Pastor Larry

Please click on this link to view the ongoing prayer journey.  Exalt Jesus Christ in 2023

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