Greetings my dear friends and welcome to this week's edition of the Pastoral Hello. Allow me, on behalf of my Colleen, to say a heartfelt thank you for your many thoughtful best wishes and prayers for us. As many of you know, though Colleen and I are generously blessed by the Lord with good health, both of us fell terribly ill with a full blown flu virus last week and weekend. The sickness caused each of us to be bedridden and requiring recovery and rest. We are so grateful for so many extending your care and prayer. God bless you. We pray for God's protective covering over each of you as well. Yes tis the season for colds, flu and other assorted illnesses - so we are asking for God's health covering to be upon you.
1. Prayer Covering Over Shiloh Ranch Summer Campers and Ministry Opportunities
As most of you know, we as a congregation designated Shiloh Youth Ranch as one of two special Christmas ministry projects and wonderfully, raised over $8,000 for its ongoing operations and community outreach. Praise the Lord, Shiloh Youth Ranch, located north of Edmonton, is effectively ministering to marginalized and needy youth from our city through summer camps and follow up connection groups in various communities. Powerfully, youth are being transformed in camp experiences and then discipled through caring leaders and small groups. This past Wednesday, Shiloh Youth Ranch Director, Keith Johnson and I met to discuss how we can continue to minister to our youth in need, as a church. As a result of our vibrant meeting together, I'm excited to share that we as members and adherents of HVPA have the following opportunities and options:
First, this Sunday morning, I will have 63 business sized cards available at the Information Desk for you to pick up. You can take one or as many as you can pray over. Each of the cards will have a first name of a youth who is already registered to attend a summer camp either during July or August at Shiloh.The cards will also show the dates that the student will be attending camp as well as their general age bracket. We cannot provide any further personal information in order to preserve confidential information. We are requesting you begin to pray for the student(s) immediately and continue right through to the end of August 2024.  If you are wondering what to pray for, Keith and I have developed a few prayer suggestions:
- Pray that individuals will exhibit good behaviour while at camp;
- Pray that individuals in need of salvation will receive Christ as their Saviour;
- Pray that youth carrying unhealthy emotional and relational "baggage" begin to receive the healing of Christ;
-  Pray that youth participating in summer camps will be excited about being involved in Shiloh's Connection Ministry, after school and weekend fellowship groups where further mentoring can occur; 
- Pray for the health and safety of all campers and staff.
Second, if anyone would like a tour of camp, this can be arranged by talking to Keith Johnsson. These could be individual or group tours.
Third, if anyone would like to volunteer some time to the camp by assisting in maintenance, this would be appreciated. For example, this spring and summer, Shiloh will be improving its horse trails by cutting bush, small trees and whipping down grass, etc. If you would like to spare a few hours from time to time, please contact Keith Johnson.
Lastly, I'm glad to report that as of February 28, 2024, 374 young people are now officially registered for summer camps, over 100 more than this time last year..  
2. Prayer Requests
1) Praying for Bivocational Pastors planting new churches and feeding people who have been displaced during the conflict.
2) Praying for 80 new Pentecostal churches in the Ukraine.
3) Praying for the Protection and morale of Soldiers on the front lines.
4) Pray for President Zelensky and the Government for Protection and unity.
5) Pray for Russian Believers facing renewed censorship from the Government.
6) Praying for new Believers 
- Crystal H.
- Harold's brother and sister-in-law
- Joyce's Nephew Dylan
1.GARY/MARLENE ROHR appreciate all the prayers for their 3 yrs old granddaughter Lily. All went well with the insertion of the shunt into her brain a few weeks ago. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She received her first enzyme infusion on Thursday, Feb 22. The infusions will then continue to be given on a biweekly basis for the foreseeable future. 
2. BROTHER MANNY would appreciate our prayers as his surgery has been put off for 3 months. Pray that the Lord would be his source of strength during this time.
3.. Pray for peace in the Middle East, for those lives who have been seriously affected by the conflict. WE PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM.
4. DIANE - In Hospital being treated for heart problems
5. BARB MASTERS - She has Macular Degeneration in both eyes. Pray for healing and restoration.
6. JAN FLANAGAN - Prayer for uninterrupted sleep/energy and oxygen level to be restored and unspoken requests for Glen 
7. JENNIFER KEW - A) Her friend Julia had two brain surgeries. Continued prayer for full recovery, B)Daughter and Granddaughter need a special touch from the Heavenly Father
8. MARGARET SHEPHERD - Still struggling with pain in her head from Shingles. Believing for a miracle healing
9. SPECIAL REQUEST - Prayer for an individual struggling with mental health conditions who is looking for a good psychiatrist. Also their medication is not working.
10. THOSE IN LONG TERM CARE - Father God we pray for those in long term care. May they feel Peace and Comfort everyday and for family members we pray for strength and guidance for each new day.
11. RUTH PATZ - Continual touch in her body.  
12. PRAISE REPORT for ROD KROEKER - He is up and walking and doing well 
13PHIL BENTERUD - Healing from a severe case of Shingles   
14. SPECIAL PRAYER NEED: Praying for a family: the father has bone cancer throughout his body. He has two daughters, the one has MS. Praying for their healing and salvation for the entire family.
3. Ministry Events This Coming Week
- Sunday, March 3, 10:30 am - Pastor Philip sharing Part 2 of Loving God the Father Sermon Series. This week we will be looking at Loving a Loving God. Enjoy the singing, prayer for others and coffee fellowship following the gathering. 
- Sunday, March 3, 5:30 pm - EvenSong at West Edmonton Mall Chapel with Pastor Bob Gal and team.
- Tuesday, March 5, ENRICH Seniors Luncheon is POSTPONED for this Tuesday due to a funeral being held at our meeting space, Calvary Community Church. It will resume on Tuesday, April 2.
- Tuesday, March 5, Men's Bible Study, 7 pm. This week we are looking at session #2 of Dr. Tony Evans Teaching Series, "The Kingdom Man" facilitated by Pastor Philip and myself..
- Wednesday, March 6, Women's Ministries Leadership Meeting, 6:30 pm via Zoom.
- Wednesday, March 6, On-Line Prayer Gathering with Elder Brian and Melody Bigam, 7 pm via our church Facebook page.
- Thursday, March 7, Church Staff Meeting, 3:30 pm at Taylor Seminary office.
- Thursday, March 7, Revelation Bible Study, 7 pm at Taylor Seminary.
- Saturday, March 9, Women's Care, Prayer and Share, 9:30 am at Taylor Seminary  
- Thursday, March 14, New Women's Bible Study, "Women of the Bible:Esther" will begin, by Beth Moore. This will be facilitated by Dianne DeJong. More details coming in terms of start time and place.
4.  New Church Directory
If you haven't yet picked up your new church directory, please do so on Sunday or contact Janice at to request a digital copy.
5. Final Thought
Recently I was reading about the great Christian missionary statesman, David Livingston, commenting on those of his generation who would consider missionary work, but only if it suited them. He said the following: "If you have men who will only come (or go) if they know there is a good road, I don't want them. I want men who will come (or go) if there is no road at all." ("David Livingston, Missionary, Explorer, Abolitionist" by Vance Christie). 
In keeping with this powerful statement by David Linvingston, I'm so grateful for Pastor Matthew Pipke of our staff who has such a strong call on his life to share the gospel globally and locally. He is sharing "less travelled roads" as he leaves for and serves in Costa Rica with Steve McDonald from March 2 -11. We are glad we can pray for them as a church as they go and share the good news with those in this beautiful Central American nation. Go in God's speed Matthew and Steve!
God bless you and yours this week,
Pastor Larry/Colleen
Pastor Matthew/Rebekah
Pastor Philip/Jill
Pastoral Practicum Student Joshua