Dear Friend of Christ, thank you for taking a few moments to read this week's edition of the Pastoral Hello. 
1. Father's Day Sunday
This coming Sunday, June 16 is Father's Day. In keeping with this wonderful day of celebration, it is a delight to share a lovely poem honouring fathers by Melodia Ortez:
              An Ode To Dads 
- Dads are the rock that holds us strong,
   A compass to guide us all along,
  The foundation of our lives they create,
  A stronghold of love that's never late
-With strength and support, they stand by one side,
  A beacon of hope that never hides
  Dads are the world we live in each day,
  And their love is what lights the way
2. Father's Day Sunday Service
In keeping with Father's Day, it will be a joy to honour all our Dads and men in attendance, as well as those viewing online. For those attending, each father and man (whether a dad or not) will receive delicious treats and refreshment. We appreciate you all and are looking forward to extending our love to you in this manner. I will also be sharing in a Father's Day message applicable to us all. Pastor Gary Rohr will be leading us in song and praise to the Lord. Pastor Philip will be leading us in Communion as we honour the Lord of Lords and King and Kings.
3. Communion and Benevolence Ministry
A) In keeping with Communion this Sunday, the Bible instructs us to examine ourselves before partaking. Therefore I encourage all of us to please assess our lives and recommit to the ways of the Lord before participating in Communion. As well, for those of you worshipping online, we would ask you to please prepare crackers or wafers with juice ahead of time and participate together with us as we celebrate.
B) Also each Communion Sunday, we encourage as many as who are able to give to our church's Benevolence Ministry, either by donating to our Benevolence Fund designed to help those amongst us who could use a hand up, or by providing clothing, blankets, etc to Father's House. Thank you again for caring in these regards.
4. Praise Reports
 A) We are thankful for answered prayer, that Gunter and Joyce Blum have been able to secure a place together to care for their ongoing health needs. This was their wish and God has granted them the desires of their heart.
 B) Last Sunday, a member of our church was delighted to welcome and sit with a gentleman that he had led to the Lord - a brand new follower of Jesus praise the Lord. I encourage us to continue to pray for the new follower of Jesus as he takes his next new steps in Christ. I pray that many more folks will come to Christ for the first time and make our church their new spiritual home.

5. Prayer Requests
 RUTH P's cousin Don who is being evaluated and needs a touch in his body after perhaps having a stroke. Family requesting prayer.
·         DOUG P’s surgery is scheduled for June 27th. Pray for the doctors as they do the surgery and then for Doug's body to heal well afterwards. 
·         CHERYL, a cousin of Doug P. who has been treated for an aggressive cancer, praying for a miracle of healing
·         GUNTHER & JOYCE B. - pray for healing as they both deal with health challenges
·         DOROTHY has Metastatic Cancer with tumors throughout her body.  Praying for a complete healing and strength for her family at this time.
·         JEN B. (Harold & Janet’s daughter) who suffered a concussion. Pray for continued healing.. 
·         JULIA  - a friend of Jen K. who continues to walk through very difficult health issues which includes the rebuilding of her red and white cells.
·         HAROLD E. – His brother has been admitted to palliative care.
·         BOB C. - We continue to pray for God's complete healing in his physical body after suffering a heart attack.
·         JOLEE - Healing from some health problems and that she can find a good family doctor.
·         LILY R.- 3 year old granddaughter of Marlene & Gary, is receiving biweekly enzyme infusions for her diagnosis of Batten Disease. Prayers appreciated for her overall health and wellbeing. 
·         MARGARET S. – continued strength after the virus she suffered with.
·         BARB M. - Macular Degeneration
·         RUTH P.- Continual touch in her body.  
·         PHIL B. - Healing from Shingles. He has had a recent relapse.   
·         JAN F. – Continued prayer for better sleep and energy recovery. Also for Glen - healing of his MS.
6. D Day 80th Anniversary Prayer Commemoration
Last Thursday, Pastor Bob (Volunteer Chaplain for Royal Canadian Legion North) and I (Volunteer Chaplain for Royal Canadian Legion South) produced a three minute D-Day 80th Anniversary Commemoration Prayer Time. Praise the Lord, it was very well received over 26,000 views from right across Canada. We are so grateful that the Lord blessed this effort to bless others in prayer.
 7. Taylor Seminary Future Usage 
There are no updates from our Baptist friends regarding the future usage of Taylor Seminary. Please continue to pray that God's perfect way will be accomplished for them and us.
 8. Thank You
Once again, thanks to each of you for your continuing love and support. We love and appreciate you all!
Pastor Larry & Colleen, Pastor Philip & Jill, Pastor Matthew and Rebekah, Student Pastor Joshua