Welcome to Heritage Valley Assembly!

Heritage Valley Assembly is a place to explore and experience the love found in Christ.  If you're not sure you believe in God at all, you're welcome here.  If you've been following God your entire life or if you're new to faith, we hope you'll grow here.

No matter where you are on the road to faith, we are here to walk alongside you as you go.  Our wish is that on your journey, you'll discover a God who is loving, active and causing you to flourish in all that you do.


Join us at 10:30 AM Sundays in-person at Taylor Seminary.  Our services also appear live on our website at www.heritagevalleyassembly.com on Sunday's at 10:30 AM (MST) and appear in recorded form on our Facebook page and website for those unable to view the live stream service.

Please note, in accordance with the Alberta Government’s recently established Covid 19 restrictions, we are asking all those attending onsite to wear face masks, physically distance 2m or 6 ft, and sit with cohorts.

Thank you so much and stay focused on Christ and His way during distraction times.

If you have any questions, please contact Janice Johnsson at heritageva@gmail.com or call/text 780 699 6315.

Thank you so much as we work together for the glory of God and the well being of our families, friends, neighbours, and cohorts.

Also please refrain from wearing perfume or scented hand cream as there are some who have allergies. Thank you so much for your consideration. 

We love you all!
Pastor Larry

**CONNECT TO OUR LIVE STREAM WORSHIP SERVICE AT 10:30 AM SUNDAY MORNINGS.  Use the link at the top of this page.**


November 28th is the start of Advent!

The word, 'Advent' comes from the Latin word 'adventus' which means 'coming' or 'arrival'. It's a season of preparation, not for extra expenses or family gatherings, but to remember the Christ Child who came to live among us, to secure one redemption. It is time to praise and cherish God's most precious gift to us. Advent is also the anticipation of Christ's return at the Second Coming. When we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, we're honouring the sacrifice He made for us too. Gathering around the manager is only part of it. We also need to journey to the cross.

So while we might get swept up in all the hurried activity of the Christmas Season, may we be intentional this year to take time during Advent to prepare our hearts. May we remember that God laid aside His glory to become human because of His great love for us, and He will also return one day to restore glory to His people. There are few truths in this world that can be more wonderful, more exciting than this.


December Sunday Services

a) On Sunday, December 5 & 12, we will be beginning to sing Christmas music, as Pastor's Larry and Matthew begin a brief sermon series entitled, "The Hymns of Christmas".
b) On Sunday, December 19, we will be celebrating a Service of Christmas carols and music led by the musical group, "Old Friends". It is entitled, "Christmas With Old Friends" and Pastor Larry will be sharing a brief word to conclude this beautiful and festive time of music. 
c) On Friday, December 24, we will be sharing together in a one hour Christmas Eve Service from 5 - 6 PM , with singing and a telling of the Christmas story. This will be both on-site and on-line.
d) On Sunday, December 26, Boxing Day, we will continue celebrating with seasonal music and Pastor Larry sharing a brief message, "The Day AFTER Christmas'.






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September 16, 2021

With the implementation announced by the Alberta Government of new health restrictions beginning Friday, September 16, 2021. There were two options given to Places of Worship:
#1. Requiring proof of vaccination or negative rapid test to continue operating as usual 
#2. Follow capacity and operating restrictions; 1/3 of fire code capacity.

As leadership, it was decided that we will follow option #2. The implications for the Sunday morning worship gatherings for the foreseeable future will limit us to cap the attendance to 74, (1/3 of the capacity of Stencel Hall at Taylor Seminary), where we meet. 
The attendance on Sunday mornings have been well under this number in recent months so we expect to continue on as we have been. We will begin taking names and contact information again at the table outside of the sanctuary to track attendance for COVID reasons.  

As the attendance cap is set at 74 for Stencel Hall, we also expect the Ordination Service for Pastor Matthew on Sunday Morning, September 26 and the Annual Business Meeting to go ahead as per usual, at 12 noon (following the morning service), as planned. 

Of course the other health guidelines will continue to be observed and practiced: hand sanitization, mask wearing, ensuring 6 ft distance between households or 2 close contacts for those living alone.

If you have any further questions, please contact Janice at heritageva@gmail.com or call/text 780 699 6315.

God bless each and every one of you!
Pastor Larry


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