A Prayer Journey with Jesus in 2023
What an honour it has been as a church family to be on a prayer journey with Jesus since the start of the new year. In Step #2 of our prayer adventure with Jesus, we continue our prayer focus of remembering individuals and/or ministries who are sharing "the good news of Christ" in word and deed, globally and locally. Over the last four weeks, we have prayed for the Barvinska family (Ukraine); For Her Dignity and Rachel Starkey (Africa); Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Greater Edmonton); and this past week, Craig Eagle, Founder and Director of To the Gypsy, a ministry to the Gypsy/Roma people of Eastern Europe. 
However, as we continue Step #2 of our prayer journey this coming week, Monday, March 13 - March 19, 2023, we will next be remembering two precious couples from our church family who are involved in community chaplaincy ministries. 
*First, from Monday, March 13 through Wednesday, March 15, we ask that we uplift in prayer: Chaplains Brian & Melody Bigam of 3L Ministries. They are heavily involved in our church, but equally so in their chaplaincy ministry within the City of Edmonton. Presently their emphasis is primarily toward seniors within institutional care facilities. For example, Brian & Melody serve 12 months a year every second Sunday night in conducting worship services at the Chartwell Retirement Residence in West Edmonton. They also minister in a Bible study there as well, along with pastoral visitation and overall care.
*Second, from Thursday, March 16 - March 19, please pray for Chaplains Bob & Karen Gal of Mission Canada. They are widely and extensively involved in Community Chaplaincy serving as official Chaplains with the Jasper Place Legion, in hospital and seniors homes, and in a myriad of varied and comprehensive prayer initiatives within the greater Christian community in Greater Edmonton. They too are involved with our local church and serve well. Overall our church is officially and joyfully providing them and their ministries "Spiritual Covering" as they go about their valuable ministry with many people throughout Edmonton.