Our Mission
How do we plan to accomplish our Vision?

- Amicably engaging the unchurched where we live, work and play.

- Lovingly exposing the unchurched to God's Word and God's people.

- Thoughtfully encouraging newcomers into the church membership.

- Discipling members in life-on-life missional discipleship.

We plan to bring about Family Transformation by:

- Equipping children and youth to understand the gospel and to embrace a biblical world and life-view.

- Equipping singles to leverage their missional mobility and to make wise relationship decisions.

- Equipping marrieds to delight in their God-given roles and to fulfill their God-given responsibilities.

- Equipping parents to develop a family plan and to shepherd their children's hearts.

- Equipping middle age and senior adults to embrace and exercise their life and service opportunities in nurturing the family, church, community and world.

We plan to deploy our people for Community and Global Transformation by:

- Serving people in need.

-Collaborating with other churches and organizations.

- Exporting life-on-life missional discipleship to churches worldwide.